Valuation Services

Risner Realty Advisors is a full service commercial appraisal firm that takes pride in both our experience and depth of knowledge concerning the valuation of commercial and industrial real estate.  We appraise all types of commercial property from small single tenant offices to large corporate and manufacturing facilities and multi parcel acquisitions for lenders, government agencies, attorney’s, small business owners and investors and corporations.  Our single focus is to make your appraisal project quick and worry-free by providing you with a greater sense of security based upon our qualified data sources, objective expertise, and independent third party due diligence. The quality of our work with our personalized service have earned us a reputation as a highly recommended, dependable, responsive and dedicated business partner for our clients.

A partial list of RRA clients include SunTrust Banks, Region Banks, JP Morgan Chase, Florida Business Development Corporation, Seminole County, City of Lake Mary, Bealls Department Stores, Bill Ray Nissan, True Partners Tax Consulting, Roetzel & Andress, PA and Adams and Reese, LLP.

Valuation Services Provided by RRA

MARKET VALUE APPRAISALS. One of the most common reasons for engaging our services is to estimate the value of real property pledged as collateral for mortgage loan purposes.  We routinely appraise  both existing and proposed properties with the scope of services covering "As Is", "Upon Completion" and "As Stabilized" valuation scenarios.

EMINENT DOMAIN. Federal, State and local governments have the right to take property for public use provided that just compensation is provided. With our extensive experience in experience in eminent domain proceedings including appraisal, appraisal review, mediation and trial, we can advise clients regarding valuation issues associated with fee simple or other property rights including temporary and permanent easements.

LITIGATION SUPPORT/EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY. We can provide solid valuation opinions useful in connection with pre-trial activities, meditations, or trial proceedings for eminent domain, civil suits and bankruptcy.

APPRAISAL REVIEW. As an experienced review appraiser, Mr. Risner can provide an in depth level of appraisal review to insure compliance with Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP), FDOT standards (for eminent domain takings by the state of Florida) and client standards and requirements.

TAX CONSULTING. As a former special magistrate, Mr. Risner also has the experience to provide effective valuation reports for tax appeal cases.

OTHER. Valuation services also provided for equitable distribution of real estate assets in divorce or partnership dissolution and providing date of demise valuations for estate purposes.

Types of Properties Appraised

RETAIL, including shopping centers, strip centers, free-standing retail stores, convenience stores, restaurants including sit down and fast food, NNN lease properties, and retail pad sites.

OFFICE, including single tenant and multi-tenant, office condominiums, medical offices and surgical centers, and converted office residences.

INDUSTRIAL, including light manufacturing, office warehouses, warehouse condominiums and storage facilities.

RESIDENTIAL, including subdivisions, apartments, residential zoned land, and single family residences for estate purposes.

OTHER/SPECIAL PURPOSE, including hotels/motels and resorts, golf courses, membership cubs, day cares, schools, churches, funeral homes, auto related facilities including auto dealerships and auto service facilities, nursing homes, mobile home parks, RV parks and billboards.

LAND, all types including agricultural acreage, commercial, pad sites, wetlands, and residential zoned land.